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And if you had it your way, someone would walk right up to you, take you by the hand, look you dead in the eye and confidently say…

I have the answers! Come with me, and together, we’ll completely destroy those big, hairy, time-wasting, money-sucking, good-for-nothing and downright intimidating problems, once and for all.

Right now, you’re thinking that I might be that someone … right?

I thought so. Or else you wouldn’t be here.

You see, it’s not that I’m a mind reader — I just don’t accept new clients all too often, and so I don’t advertise this page. Anywhere.

You didn’t just trip and fall over some random link and onto my website today… (you know, that one link that sticks up ever-so-slightly higher than all the other links?)

Nope. You’re here because either myself, or someone we both know and trust sent you to me for help.

And more importantly — you want to know HOW I can help, so you can decide whether or not I’m worth the premium!

Does this sound accurate?

Yes. Ok, good!

Come with me… Our time is valuable, so I’ll keep this short.

“Wait! Taylor, I already KNOW you can help me! I only came here to hurl my wallet at you as hard as I can!”

Ah, I see someone’s already crystal-clear on what I do then! Good!

If you just rudely interrupted me to say that, AND you’re my ideal client… you can stop reading now and commence throwing said wallet at me here (warm up your arm first!).

Otherwise, let’s continue. Shall we.

As we discussed earlier, you’ve got some big, hairy… well, you know — problems.

So, let’s get to talking about these problems in more detail.

Problem #1 #0 – Hairy Problems

Unfortunately, I don’t handle these. But I do know of a great place to start!

Ok, kidding aside…

Problem #1 – You Suck At Copywriting, Or You Want It Done For You

If you’d rather swim in a shark tank with a bloody seal carcass tied to your back than write and split-test Facebook ads or landing pages — you’ve definitely come to the write guy (see what I did there?).

Here’s a sexy checklist of things I do, since we both love checklists so much. (right?)

  • Squeeze & Landing Pages That Don’t Suck. (like this, or this)
  • Facebook & PPC Ads That Don’t Suck. (uno, dos)
  • Email Autoresponders & Solo Ads That Don’t Suck. (exhibit A, exhibit B)
  • Sales Letters That Don’t Suck. (whaaat? cat’s outta the bag)
  • Video Scripts That Don’t Suck. (voilà)
  • All Things Print. None That Suck. (porn? nope… long story)

Knowing your audience better than your own child is one thing, but getting them to behave precisely the way you want them to using mere words is another. (I have a 7-year old, trust me, I get it)

Fortunately for you, that’s where I come in. I prefer to help you get better at wielding your pen, but I can also wield it for you!

Problem #2 – You Suck At Content, Or You Want It Done For You

Are your blog posts drier than the heels of mammy’s old wrinkled calloused feet?

Would your audience rather watch a Spanish novella with the subtitles off, than cringe their way through one of your videos? (if you know this for sure, good on you for knowing your audience!)

Can you guess what’s coming next? A checklist of content that Taylor absolutely CRUSHES.

Wow – good answer! I feel like you and me — we understand each other.

  • Blog Posts & Whitepapers In Your Voice. Or Mine. (authority-style… no cheap 500 word crap!)
  • Video Scripts That Provide Value. (so you suck less.)
  • Video Ranking Keywords & Descriptions. (so you can win at “Marco! Polo!“)
  • Email Newsletters That Are Opened And Read. (crazy, I know!)

Problem #3 – You’re Not Sure What To Do Next!

You know that girl in every horror movie? Yep, that one that just popped into your head!

The dumb-as-rocks teenage girl who just can’t (even) stop making utterly stupid decisions (usually about which way to run or how quickly), until finally, the evil ghost or zombie or vampire or clown (or ghost of an undead blood-sucking clown, if you prefer)(what movie are we watching again?) gets her ass good and turns her into a puddle of guts and blood… for your viewing pleasure, of course.

Well.. that’s not you.

Unlike our clueless friend, you pride yourself on making good decisions. You understand where to run next, and how quickly, so you can achieve your main objectives. You’re a survivor.

But here’s the problem. Sometimes… SOMETIMES… uncertainty gets the best of you. It does to all of us.

We wake up one morning in a sudden fog, and aren’t sure which way to turn, or where each path might take us.

We suddenly become afraid of what might be lurking around each corner (especially afraid that it might be nothing!). This fear paralyzes us from the neck up — preventing us from taking the next step (or sometimes the first!).

The step from good –> to great. The step from paid –> to well-paid. The step from idea –> to product.

You’ve lived a good portion of your life in this fog of uncertainty, just like I have.

And you’ve always gotten through it, one way or another.. regardless of how long it may have taken you (except for maybe the one you’re in now…).

But listen up!

The fastest, most foolproof and profitable way I’ve ever found to get through a fog —

is by using someone else’s fresh pair of eyeballs.

Of course, not just anyone will work. The more tuned in they are to your world and the fog that you’re in, the more confident you’ll be in the paths they illuminate.

And of course, the more valuable their eyeballs become to you.

Now, since you’re here to evaluate me… here’s a partial list of where MY eyeballs may be of particular value to you:

  • Strategy Related To Content Or Copy
  • Finding And Targeting Your Audience
  • Posturing, Mindset & Increasing Your Value
  • Product Development
  • Niche, Offer & Angle Selection
  • Bootstrap & Lean Startup Methodology
  • More… (book a discovery session and we can chat)

Phew! Our last checklist. Makes you kinda sad doesn’t it? I’m just glad we’re done talking about eyeballs… blechk.

OK — Moving on to the fun stuff!

I’m assuming, since you made it this far, that I described you somewhere above and you’d like my help. Great!

There’s ONE catch though! Before you go booking a call with me, we have to make sure that you’re my IDEAL client.

Pay attention! You MUST qualify as an ideal client first!

Otherwise, I’ll be cancelling your appointment and keeping your money for not using your [censored anatomy] to read this!

Since most of my clients are referrals, here’s what I tell my friends who want to send people my way:

My Clients Are Well-Funded Winners With Elite Attitudes Who Crush Life Daily, And Are Eager To Pay A Premium Price For The Opportunity To Work With A Consultant Who Continually Delivers At Or Above Their Extraordinarily-High Expectations.